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Photography Classes

Camera Operation Course

3x2hr classes; 8 Student Max; $175

This course is for someone who needs help learning how to use their Camera.  If your picture's coming out too bright/dark, blurry or grainy this is where you belong!  Be ready to ditch AUTO and see what your camera can really do. 

 - Camera settings and initial setup

 - Lenses

 - Focal Control

 - Aperture, Shutter Speeds and ISO

 - Exposure Modes techniques for every scenario!

Requirements: A digital camera with interchangeable lenses.

Composition & Lighting

3x2hr classes; 8 Student Max; $175

So your pictures are coming out technically correct (properly exposed and in focus) but they're just so boring and the people really could look better.  Then you're ready for the artsy side of photography: lighting and composition!  Here we focus on taking better pictures!

 - Composition techniques to draw attention

 - Natural Portrait Lighting (with reflectors)

 - Hands-on Portrait Shoot with model

 - Basic Speedlight use

 - Portrait Lighting Patterns

Requirements:  Understanding of exposure and camera operation

Photo Editing Course

3x2hr classes; 6 Student Max; $199

Ever since the darkroom days, photo editing has been a significant part of the art of photography.  Without learning professional editing techniques your photos will never see their full potential.  Editing is not to cover up for bad Exposure, Lighting or Comp but is as much a part of the art as any other topic.  This class will establish an import to export professional workflow.

 - Photo importing and organization (Lightroom)

 - Lighting and Color Correction (Lightroom)

 - Portrait Retouching and Skin work (Lightroom)

 - Body Reshaping, major removals and face swaps (Photoshop)

Requirements:  Laptop/All-in-one Computer with Lightroom Classic and Photoshop installed 

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