Hi guys I'm Jordan.  I'm a Photographer, a Teacher and a Dad. I have like a bazillion kids and a crazy hot wife...there might be some correlation there.  Really, it's 4 kids but I don't think a bazillion would  be any more chaotic.  In addition to Jordan Farmer Photography I am the owner of PhotographyMyWay (a local photo school) and have taught photography to thousands (literal that time) of people;  many of them have gone on to become the other fantastic professionals you're finding out there!

I can shoot anything but little kids/babies really aren't my strength; I'm big (LIFT ALL THE THINGS!), I'm a guy and kids all seem to think I might eat them.  To date I have eaten zero children.  My real specialty is making people look amazing.  So if your a senior ready to stop looking like a little kid in photos or a bride who want's to look like you belong in a magazine on your wedding day then I'm your guy! If you're looking for someone to throw your kid in a milk crate in a vintage wagon on top of an old couch out in some dead field and a smash a cake in his face like you saw on Pinterest... then just keep surfin' =)

$300 1st hr; $250ea Add'l hrs; Editing and Full res files included. 

Jordan Farmer (916) 781-0880 farmerphoto@gmail.com

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